August 08, 2017

"At the root of much election tampering is a common motive."

security ledger: “It’s money,” [Bev] Harris told me. “There’s one federal election every four years, but there are about 100,000 local elections which control hundreds of billions of dollars in contract signings.” by Paul

'Those range from waste disposal and sanitation to transportation. The most vulnerable positions she found those with the biggest corruption problems re sheriff which control drugs, contraband and guns, City council and commissioner type positions because they have contracting authority and judge-ships, which are susceptible to bribes for delivering certain verdicts or to direct criminals to certain (for profit) correctional systems.

'“There are 1,000 convictions every year for public corruption,” Harris says, citing Department of Justice statistics. “Its really not something that’s even rare in the United States.” We may not think that corruption is a problem, because we rarely see it manifested in the ways that most people associate with public corruption.

'“The difference is here in the US we think of corruption as a foreign problem because we don’t have the violence associated with it and we don’t have the policeman in the corner saying you have to pay him cash to do this, or that to get your driver’s license you have to give somebody some cash…Its a different flavor here, but it is actually quite widespread.”'

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