July 15, 2017

"NotPetya is exactly the sort of cyber-attack that such defenses will need to prevent."

security week: In December 2014, NATO established a Trust Fund designed "to provide Ukraine with the necessary support to develop its strictly defensive, CSIRT-type technical capabilities, including laboratories to investigate cyber security incidents." by Kevin Townsend

'By June 2016, eight nations had contributed a total of €965,000, plus in-kind contributions from Estonia and the USA. This week, the project appears to have moved to the next step at a joint briefing with NATO secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, and Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko in Kiev on Monday.

'Ukrinform, the national news agency of Ukraine, reported Monday, "He [Stoltenberg] said that one of the areas where the alliance was paying more attention in its cooperation with Ukraine was the sector of cyber security. NATO is currently in the process of providing Ukraine with new equipment for some key government institutions and authorities, which will enable Ukraine to investigate who is behind certain cyber-attacks, because the response to them is extremely important, Stoltenberg said. And it should also help Ukraine protect its key government institutions from cyber-attacks, he added."'

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