June 06, 2017

"Kaspersky Lab told European antitrust regulators that Microsoft Corp. prevents makers of security software from competing on equal footing with products built into the U.S. company’s Windows operating system."

bloomberg: Kaspersky sent a formal complaint to European Union and German antitrust regulators, saying “hurdles” created by Microsoft limit consumer choice and drive up the cost of security software. by Ilya Khrennikov and Aoife White

'"With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft started to create obstacles to competing manufacturers of security solutions, and introduce different ways of pushing users to forgo third-party software in favor of its own Windows Defender," Moscow-based Kaspersky said in a statement.

'Microsoft spent more than a decade under EU investigation, paying fines totaling of 2.24 billion euros ($2.5 billion) in four installments ending in 2013. Regulators found it violated EU competition rules by bundling an extra product -- a media player -- with the Windows software that dominated computer desktops.'

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