May 29, 2017

"U.S. senators want people to hack the Department of Homeland Security."

CNN: On Thursday, Senators Maggie Hassan, a Democrat and Republican Rob Portman introduced the Hack DHS Act to establish a federal bug bounty program in the DHS. by Selena Larson

'Bug bounty programs let hackers test the security of technical systems. Engineers hunt for "bugs," or errors in code that could leak information or break the security of websites and communication tools, and are paid when they find something.

'The DHS is responsible for the security of government websites and critical infrastructure across the country, which makes it a good candidate for bug bounty programs.

'It would be modeled off the Department of Defense efforts, including Hack the Pentagon, the first program of its kind in the federal government. Launched a year ago, Hack the Pentagon paved the way for more recent bug bounty events including Hack the Army and Hack the Air Force.'

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