May 28, 2017

"Research published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, identified two plant compounds that could hold the secret to preventing conception."

inverse: In previous research, the team had identified progesterone as a key hormone in triggering the sperm tail-whipping, which it facilitates by binding to a protein called ABHD2. By Kastalia Medrano

'While reading up on folk medicines and indigenous methods of natural contraception, they found the lupeol and pristimerin and eventually determined that both work by keeping progesterone and ABHD2 apart. The concentrations of the two substances that exist naturally in plants aren’t high enough for cost-effective commercial birth control, so the researchers are now looking for alternative sources.

'Hormone-based birth control methods are generally well-tolerated by most people who take them, but they can also bring accompanying side effects that a lupeol- or pristimerin-based method would not. And even though they could also be used as emergency contraception taken after conception, like Plan B, it’s possible this would be a more palatable option to some who disapprove of Plan B because it can stop fertilized eggs from being implanted and prevent the egg from being fertilized in the first place."'

"Regulation of the sperm calcium channel CatSper by endogenous steroids and plant triterpenoids" by Nadja Mannowetza, Melissa R. Millera, and Polina V. Lishkoa here

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