May 16, 2017

"Hackers have been carrying out cyberattacks on multinational companies operating in Vietnam for several years now, seeking types of information that suggest a possible connection to the Vietnamese government, according to a Monday report."

CNBC: In the report, American cybersecurity company FireEye said the same group — labeled APT32 — had also targeted foreign governments, dissidents and journalists through malware and other commercially-available tools. by Saheli Roy Choudhury

'APT refers to advanced persistent threat — one that involves a continuous hacking process using sophisticated techniques that exploit vulnerabilities within a network.

'Nick Carr, a senior manager at FireEye's Mandiant team that responds to threats and incidents, told CNBC what set APT32 apart from other groups was the kind of information the hackers were looking for within a company's breached network.

'"Several cases here, it appears APT32 was conducting intrusions to investigate the victims' operations and assess their adherence to regulations," Carr said. "That's where it starts to be really unusual and is a significant departure from the wide-scale intellectual property theft and espionage that you see from a Chinese group, or political espionage or information operations from a Russian group."'

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