April 19, 2017

"Last September, when the 20th Century Fox sci-fi thriller Morgan premiered, artificial intelligence (AI) took center stage for the first time not as a plot point but a tool."

studio daily: The film studio revealed that it had used IBM’s Watson — a supercomputer endowed with AI capabilities — to make the movie’s trailer. By Debra Kaufman

'IBM research scientists “taught” Watson about horror movie trailers by feeding it 100 such trailers, cut into scenes. Watson then analyzed the data, from the point of view of visuals, audio and emotions, to “learn” what makes a horror trailer scary. Then the scientists fed in the entire 90-minute Morgan. According to Engadget, Watson “instantly zeroed in on 10 scenes totaling six minutes of footage.”

'The media buzz that followed both overstated and understated what had actually happened. In fact, an actual human being edited the trailer, using the scenes Watson chose. So AI didn’t actually edit the trailer. But it was also a benchmark, tantalizing the Hollywood creatives (and studio executives) interested in how artificial intelligence might change entertainment.'

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