April 11, 2017

"In May, AlphaGo will face the top-ranked player in the world, the teenager Ke Jie."

the outline: It's expected to win outright, since AlphaGo won the three online matches it had secretly played against Ke Jie around January 1. by Rollin Bishop

'Before that, he’d reportedly made comments after watching several of the Lee Sedol matches about how it good the AI was, and that, under similar conditions, it was “highly likely” that he could lose. Even so, after the unofficial online losses, Ke Jie seemed to indicate that he had something up his sleeve; Quartz reported that he wrote on the Chinese social network Weibo that he had “one last move.”

'Even if AlphaGo beats Ke Jie in every game, it doesn't mean the AI is perfect. It will continue to play Go until Go no longer serves as a functional testbed for new methods of data analysis. A win alone isn’t necessarily the fastest or best win possible. A next step along the same lines as Go would be to tackle a game where the computer doesn’t have all the information in front of it, like poker. Or even video games like StarCraft II, which DeepMind has worked with developer Blizzard on exploring.'

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