April 22, 2017

"Google still hasn't shed its 'bad guy' clothes when it comes to the data it collects on underage students."

softpedia: In fact, the Electronic Frontier Foundation says the company continues to massively collect and store information on children without their consent or their parents'. Not even school administrators fully understand the extent of this operation, the EFF says. By Gabriela Vatu

'This isn't the first time the EFF has had something to say against Google on this topic. In fact, two years ago, it even filed a federal complaint against the company, alleging that it was "collecting and data mining school children's personal information, including their Internet searches."

'According to the latest status report from the EFF, Google is still up to no good, trying to eliminate students' privacy without their parent's notice or consent and "without a real choice to opt out." This, they say, is done via the Chromebooks Google is selling to schools across the United States.

'"Educational technology services often collect far more information on kids than is necessary and store this information indefinitely," the EFF said.'

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