March 13, 2017

Your personal data "is stolen from you every day by people farmers..."

AR.AL: Google and Facebook are not allies in our fight for an equitable future – they are the enemy. by Aral Balkan

'To mark the World Wide Web’s 28th birthday, its inventor Tim Berners-Lee has written an open letter identifying three major “trends” that he’s become increasingly worried about in the last twelve months:
  1. We’ve lost control of our personal data 
  2. It’s too easy for misinformation to spread on the Web 
  3. Political advertising online needs transparency and understanding 
'It’s important to note that these are not trends and that they’ve been in the making for far longer than twelve months. They are symptoms that are inextricably linked to the core nature of the Web as it exists within the greater socio-technological system we live under today that we call Surveillance Capitalism.

'They are the result of the feedback loop between accrual of information and accrual of capital that has left us with an oligarchy of platform monopolies that filter, manipulate, and exploit our everyday experiences.'

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