March 13, 2017

"The lack of health care for former astronauts has long been a sore spot at NASA, but now it threatens the agency's future."

mashable: Deep space missions beyond the moon, like a mission to Mars, require a better understanding of how extended spaceflight affects the human body. by Miriam Kramer

'To figure that out, the agency needs as much data as it can get its hands on. But without NASA-provided health care, former astronauts have a limited incentive to keep returning to a NASA doctor for a checkup.

'All that should change soon, however, with the passage of a bill that would provide health care for former astronauts.

'While lawmakers continue to argue over how they will repeal and replace Obamacare, both houses of Congress quietly passed the To Research, Evaluate, Assess, and Treat Astronauts Act, also known as the TREAT Astronauts Act, as part of a larger NASA authorization bill outlining the space agency's future.'

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