March 26, 2017

"'SmartOffice' surveillance offering formally launched this week in Philadelphia and across '70 percent of our national [internet] service footprint,' said Christian Nascimento, executive director of premise services for the Comcast division."

Philly: Putting a “Smart Cities” (rather than “Big Brother is watching you”) spin on “the growing trend for...connected devices across the private and public sectors,” the SmartOffice solution “can provide video surveillance to organizations that want to monitor their locations more closely,” Nascimento said. And it “aligns well with our high-capacity internet and ethernet offerings,” allowing small businesses “to use the cloud for easy access to and sharing of video footage which can benefit a business in many ways.” by Jonathan Takiff

'Video security systems are nothing new. Best Buy has a whole aisle devoted to DIY systems that can put, say, 6 or 8 cameras into your place of business (or home) and capture the footage on a hard-disk-based video recorder. Or with additional monthly fees, shoot it up to the cloud for storage and retrieval.

'Professional security monitoring services are also numerous in major cities. Almost two dozen vendors were qualified last year for Detroit’s Project Green Light, a joint public/private crime-fighting venture that encouraged merchants to install cameras at their convenience stores and gas stations with a direct-video feed available for police monitoring. But it wasn’t until a few months into the effort, after Comcast started pushing the cause with an early, customized version of SmartOffice, that GreenLight took off, more than doubling its business partners to nearly 120 today.'

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