March 16, 2017

"Seminal role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons looks to be going digital."

the register: The game's publisher, Wizards of the Coast, calls its new effort “D&D Beyond”, describes it as “a digital toolset for use with the Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition rules” and has given the service the tagline “Play with advantage”. by Simon Sharwood

'Wizards' canned statement says the service will “take D&D players beyond pen and paper, providing a rules compendium, character builder, digital character sheets, and more—all populated with official D&D content.” We're also told the service “aims to make game management easier for both players and Dungeon Masters by providing high-quality tools available on any device.”

'Previous digital D&D efforts included a free basic rulebook distributed as a PDF, and sale of full rule books as PDFs that was quickly ended after they hit pirate sites.'

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