March 26, 2017

"In the near future, it might be faster to fly from New York to London than it would be to drive from the Big Apple to Washington D.C."

fortune: Colorado-based startup Boom Supersonic is one step closer to making such travel a reality after securing $33 million in investments to construct and fly its first supersonic jet, the XB-1 demonstration and testing craft, according to TechCrunch. by Aric Jenkins

'The plane will be a prototype version that's one-third of the size of the supersonic airliner it plans to build and sell to air fleet customers, the report adds.

'The company hopes the Boom jet will take three hours and 15 minutes to fly from New York to London for a price of $2,500 per passenger in either direction, based on its initial prototype. Transatlantic flights currently take more than twice that time.'

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