February 21, 2017

"With missions to Mars that will see humans away from home for years rather than months, there could now be an argument to relax some of the rules on drinking."

BBC: “Alcohol is not permitted onboard the International Space Station for consumption,” says Daniel G Huot, spokesperson for Nasa’s Johnson Space Center. “Use of alcohol and other volatile compounds are controlled on ISS due to impacts their compounds can have on the station’s water recovery system.” by Bryan Lufkin

'For this reason, astronauts on the space station are not even provided with products that contain alcohol, like mouthwash, perfume, or aftershave. Spilling beer during some drunken orbital hijinks could also risk damaging equipment.

'There could be another reason to avoid frothy drinks like beer – without the assistance of gravity, liquid and gases can tumble around in an astronaut’s stomach, causing them to produce rather soggy burps.

'Yet, despite the strict rules, it does not mean that humans in space never come into contact with fermented liquids. There have been plenty of experiments aboard the ISS that involve alcohol — but nothing involving extensive human consumption, so no one really extensively knows how the human body would react.

'While Nasa has long had strict rules on alcohol in space, the Russians appear to have been more relaxed in the past. Cosmonauts on board its Mir space station were allowed small amounts of cognac and vodka. There were apparently grumblings when they found out the ISS would be dry.'

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