February 14, 2017

"There would have been up to 11% more computer science jobs at wages up to 5% higher were it not for the immigration program that brings in foreign high-skilled employees, a new study finds."

market watch: The study comes at a sensitive time, as tech titans including Facebook battle the immigration restrictions put forward by President Donald Trump. by Steve Goldstein

'Though Trump has focused initially on restricting refugees, the fate of high-skilled immigrants is a matter of intense debate in the current Congress.

'The paper — by John Bound and Nicolas Morales of the University of Michigan and Gaurav Khanna of the University of California, San Diego — was conducted by studying the economy between 1994 and 2001, during the internet boom. It was also a period where the recruitment of so-called H-1B labor was at or close to the cap and largely before the onset of the vibrant IT sector in India.'

"Understanding the Economic Impact of the H-1B Program on the U.S." by John Bound, Gaurav Khanna, and Nicolas Morales here

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