February 18, 2017

"The Tsubame 3.0 machine unveiled this week in Japan was developed in conjunction with SGI, now part of HPE after the acquisition last year, and is a co-design project between TiTech and SGI with a modified version of its ICE XA systems tailored specifically to the needs of the Japanese supercomputing center."

next platform: The details are a little thin right now on Tsubame 3.0, but here is what we know: by Timothy Prickett Morgan

'The Tsubame nodes are based on the latest generation of “Pascal” Tesla P100 accelerators from Nvidia, and from the picture below it looks like it has two CPUs and four Tesla P100s, all water cooled.

'What we know from the statement put out by TiTech is that Tsubame 3.0 will have 2,160 GPUs in total, which means that if those four elements to the right of the image are GPUs, then the whole system will have 540 blades. You might presume, because the machine is being installed this summer, that Tsubame 3.0 will be using Intel’s forthcoming “Skylake” Xeon processors, which are due around the middle of this year. The two compute elements on the right of the blade are the processors, and it would be funny if they were Power9 chips from IBM, which have native NVLink ports for lashing GPUs tightly to CPUs. As it turns out, it TiTech is using neither Skylake Xeons or Power9s, but rather “Broadwell” Xeon E5-2680 v4 processors, which have 14 cores spinning at 2.4 GHz and which fit in a 120 watt thermal envelope.'

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