February 14, 2017

"The ransomware market seems to be headed in the same direction as real-world kidnapping, where high-profile targets take out insurance policies to pay ransoms."

on the wire: [Jeremiah] Grossman said it probably won’t be long before the insurance companies latch onto the ransomware game, too. by Dennis Fisher

'“The insurance companies are going to see a large profit potential in this. Kidnapping and ransom insurance is still very boutique. This economic model will probably apply equally well to ransomware,” he said.

'And, as in physical abductions, the bad guys have all of the leverage.

'“Time is on the adversary’s side. They’ll wait you out. They’ll leverage fear and anxiety,” Grossman said. “Do we know how to fix ransomware? Probably. We need to start thinking of this as an economic model.”'

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