February 14, 2017

"[Sidd] Bikkannavar says he was detained by US Customs and Border Patrol and pressured to give the CBP agents his phone and access PIN."

the verge: Since the phone was issued by NASA, it may have contained sensitive material that wasn’t supposed to be shared. by Loren Grush

'Bikkannavar’s phone was returned to him after it was searched by CBP, but he doesn’t know exactly what information officials might have taken from the device.

'The JPL scientist returned to the US four days after the signing of a sweeping and controversial executive order on travel into the country. The travel ban caused chaos at airports across the United States, as people with visas and green cards found themselves detained, or facing deportation. Within days of its signing, the travel order was stayed, but not before more than 60,000 visas were revoked, according to the US State Department.'

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