February 23, 2017

"Microsoft is collaborating with researchers at the University of Cambridge to develop an AI which can turn your descriptions into working code in seconds."

MS Poweruser: Called DeepCoder, the software can take requirements by the developer, search through a massive database of code snippets and deliver working code in seconds, a significant advance in the state of the art in program synthesis. by Surur

'“The potential for automation that this kind of technology offers could really signify an enormous [reduction] in the amount of effort it takes to develop code,” says Armando Solar-Lezama of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who was not involved in the work. “All of a sudden people could be so much more productive. They could build systems that it [would be] impossible to build before.”

'DeepCoder learns which combinations of source code work and which ones don’t as it goes along, and improves every time it tries a new problem. It created working programs in fractions of a second, whereas older systems take minutes to trial many different combinations of lines of code before piecing together something that can do the job.'

"DEEPCODER: LEARNING TO WRITE PROGRAMS" by Matej Balog, et al, (pdf) here

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