February 12, 2017

"I hope he [Trump] can do something about these visas because this is where the middle class is losing their jobs."

computerworld: It remains to be seen whether changes to the H-1B program will fundamentally impact offshore outsourcing. By Patrick Thibodeau and Sharon Machlis

'David Rutchik, executive managing director of business transformation and outsourcing at advisory firm Pace Harmon, believes that additional restrictions on H-1B visa use will have a "measured" impact on the industry.

'Restrictions may prompt more U.S. hiring by outsourcing firms, but that "is something we think makes sense for their businesses anyway and should make them more competitive," he said. It "would be a direct, positive impact of the revised visa provisions," said Rutchik.

'Conversely, the providers may also push more work offshore and try to eliminate U.S. jobs altogether. The offshore firms may rely more on robotic processes and artificial intelligence, he explained.

'"Yes, they would likely hire more U.S. nationals, push more offshore, and accelerate automation efforts, but those would all be incremental modifications in the grand scheme of things," Rutchik said.'

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