February 25, 2017

"A piece of rare metal, poised to revolutionise modern technology and take humans into deep space, has been lost in a laboratory mishap."

IB Times: The first and only sample of metallic hydrogen ever created on earth was the rarest material on the planet when it was developed by Harvard scientists in January this year, and had been dubbed "the holy grail of high pressure physics". by Owen Hughes

'The metal was created by subjecting liquid hydrogen to pressures greater that those at the centre of the Earth. At this point, the molecular hydrogen breaks down and becomes an atomic solid.

'Scientists theorised that metallic hydrogen – when used as a superconductor – could have a transformative effect on modern electronics and revolutionise medicine, energy and transportation, as well as herald in a new age of consumer gadgets.

'One of the metal's hypothetical uses is as a new and more powerful rocket propellant that could allow humans to explore space beyond what we can reach with conventional technology.'

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