February 21, 2017

"A new academic study shows that piracy can have a positive effect on comic book sales under some conditions."

torrent freak: The empirical research, which zooms in on Japanese Manga comics, suggests that sales of ongoing comics dip when pirated versions are more readily available, while those for completed series go up. by Ernesto

'Research into online piracy comes in all shapes and sizes, with equally mixed results. Often the main question is whether piracy hurts legitimate revenue streams.

'In recent years we have seen a plethora of studies and most are focused on the effects on movies, TV-shows and music revenues. But what about comic books?

'Manga in particular has traditionally been very popular on file-sharing networks and sites. These are dozens of large sites dedicated to the comics, which are downloaded in their millions.'

"The Effects of Internet Book Piracy: The Case of Japanese Comics" by Tatsuo Tanaka (pdf) here

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