January 18, 2017

"NASA wants humans and robots to work together as teams."

motherboard: To ensure that, the space agency’s autonomous robotics group is currently developing new technology to improve how humans explore the solar system, and how robots can help. by Madison Margolin

'"We want to interact with autonomous systems. We want to be able to create systems that we can trust in all kinds of circumstances," said Terry Fong, senior scientist for autonomous systems at the NASA Ames Research Center, in a recent NASA Ames Youtube video on autonomous robots.

'When NASA began working with remotely operated robots several years ago, Fong said the scientists needed a piece of software that would allow them to look at terrain and sensor data coming from autonomous robots. That led to the creation of VERVE, a "3D robot user interface," which allows scientists to see and grasp the three-dimensional world of remotely operated robots.'

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