January 07, 2017

"Ms. Heller stressed in her statement that the United States has 'not found Anbang to be a state-owned enterprise' — an important technical point, given that the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause prohibits the acceptance of payments and gifts from foreign governments."

NY Times: It was just coincidence that Mr. Kushner’s Nov. 16 dinner at the Waldorf with Mr. Wu took place the week after the election, Ms. Heller said, adding that it had been in the works for a while. By SUSANNE CRAIG, JO BECKER and JESSE DRUCKER

'By the time of the meeting, Mr. Kushner had decided to hand off certain business relationships, including the one with Anbang, to others at Kushner Companies, according to Ms. Heller, and it was for that reason that he invited his father and Laurent Morali, the president of Kushner Companies. She said he planned to sell his stake in 666 Fifth before the closing of any Anbang deal, but she declined to name the potential buyers or the price Mr. Kushner hoped to get.

'Should it consummate its deal with Anbang, she said, Kushner Companies will seek any necessary approvals from the federal government. She expressed confidence that any deal would pass muster with the foreign investment committee, citing the fact that it did not block the Chinese company from buying the Waldorf Astoria.

'Come Jan. 20, when Mr. Trump is scheduled to be inaugurated, that committee will be made up of his cabinet members, and the process is such that the president has the final say.'

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