January 04, 2017

"Ke Jie...'Even if AlphaGo can defeat Lee Sedol, it can’t beat me'...has since agreed to take on the AI at an undecided time."

Quartz: But now even Ke, the reigning top-ranked Go player, has acknowledged that human beings are no match for robots in the complex board game, after he lost three games to an AI that mysteriously popped up online in recent days. by Zheping Huang

'The AI turned out to be AlphaGo in disguise.

'On Jan. 4, after winning more than 50 games against several of the world’s best Go players, Ke included, a user registered with an ID of “Master” on two Chinese board game platforms came forward to identify itself as AlphaGo.

'“I’m AlphaGo’s Doctor Huang,” the user “Master” wrote on foxwq.com, according to screenshots from Chinese media reports. Taiwanese developer Aja Huang is a member of Google’s DeepMind team behind the AI.'

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