January 18, 2017

"If Google really does put some real effort behind Android One, it could make its plans for Android a little clearer."

the verge: Google itself has taken a stand that it wants to make its own hardware at the high-end of the smartphone market with the Pixel, and if The Information’s report is accurate, it wants to ensure that its services are not cut out from the low end. by Dieter Bohn

'Whether that leaves enough breathing room for partners like Samsung is another question — but it doesn’t seem especially likely that Google’s Pixel is going to out-sell the Galaxy lineup anytime soon.

'Google should be so lucky as to have that kind of problem right now — the more urgent issue is ensuring a consistent experience in the low and mid-range of Android products, where software quality varies wildly and software updates are all too rare.

'Although Google itself probably won’t produce Android One phones for the US, we don’t yet know what manufacturers will make them — but apparently LG is one possibility. The phones are reportedly due “before the middle of the year” and will be backed by lots of marketing money from Google.'

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