January 13, 2017

"Half the work people do in their jobs can be automated, shows a McKinsey Global Institute study released today."

tech in asia: Instead of assessing the impact of automation on specific jobs, the study went to a more granular level by looking at the activities involved in various jobs. by Sumit Chakraberty

'The logic is that every occupation has a range of activities, each with varying potential for automation.

'McKinsey found that 49 percent of the activities people are paid to do in the global economy can be automated with “currently demonstrated technology.” That involves US$11.9 trillion in wages and touches 1.1 billion people.

'The study encompassed over 50 countries and 80 percent of the world’s workers. China, India, Japan, and the US accounted for half of the total wages and employees. Not surprisingly, the two most populous countries, China and India, could see the largest impact of automation, potentially affecting 600 million workers – which is twice the population of the US.'

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