January 19, 2017

"Although students who come from wealthy backgrounds are far more likely to attend highly selective colleges than students from poor families, rich and poor students who go to the same college will achieve equal financial success, a new study from the Equality of Opportunity Project found."

inside higher ed: The study, which evaluated administrative data from 30 million students and their parents from 1999 to 2013, also found that some colleges are better at helping students climb out of poverty than others. by Emily Tate

'Using estimates of students’ earnings in their early 30s and tax records of their parents’ incomes, the study shows that Ivy League institutions enroll more students in the top 1 percent of family incomes than those in the bottom 50 percent. But students who graduate from the same Ivy League college -- or any college -- tend to earn similar amounts of money in their adult lives, regardless of their family's affluence.

'“If you can get poor kids to a really good college, that’s a really good pathway to success,” said John Friedman, an associate professor of economics at Brown University and one of five co-authors of the study. “College seems to be equalizing opportunities for students.”'

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