January 30, 2017

"After investigating reports that more than 400 babies were sickened and 10 died in connection with homeopathic teething products, the Food and Drug Administration confirmed Friday that it had indeed found elevated levels of the toxic substance, belladonna, in the products."

ars technica: Belladonna, also known as deadly nightshade, was the prime suspect of the investigation from the beginning, which Ars reported about last fall. by Beth Mole

'Nevertheless, the products’ maker, Hyland’s, would not agree to recall the products when it was notified of the FDA’s conclusion, the agency reported.

'In a response to Ars, Hyland's has acknowledged that there are some inconsistencies in the amount of belladonna in its products, but the company said that it has not seen any evidence from the FDA indicating that the elevated levels were toxic or excessive. “The current data [seen by the company] indicate that the measured samples all fall well within an accepted margin of safety,” Hyland’s spokesperson, Mary Borneman, told Ars. As such, the company said it does “not see any action necessary.”'

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