December 29, 2016

"Modern science backs the idea that certain diseases cause the body to produce volatile compounds, which if detected properly could provide a powerful diagnostic method."

Quartz: In the last 10 years, researchers have developed specific sniff tests for diagnosing tuberculosis, hypertension, cystic fibrosis, and even certain types of cancer. by Akshat Rathi

'Here’s how it works: cystic fibrosis, for instance, causes patient’s bodies to function such that they produce nearly four times as much acetic acid (the base chemical in vinegar) as healthy people.

'Now a group of global researchers led by Hossam Haick at the Israel Institute of Technology have taken the idea a step further. They’ve built a device—a kind of breathalyzer—that is compact and can diagnose up to 17 diseases from a single breath of a patient.'

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