December 27, 2016

"Ihsan Gurdal, a transplant from Turkey, the size of a volleyball player, and a man who wraps you up in his passion for food, and especially for his favorite bread, Pain Poilane..."

PRI's The World: It's known as the 'Bread of Paris'. By Bradley Campbell

'Many journalists have sanctified it in long-form articles. Famed food writer David Lebovitz says he moved to Paris, in part, to be closer to the Poilane bakery.

'All of this for a bread that, at first glance, is nothing fancy. It's just a big, round, four-pound loaf of sourdough. It has minimal ingredients: flour, water, starter, salt. But Poilane has nearly a century of perfection behind it and a unique "terroir" for each of the ingredients. People talk about their first time with Poilane the way you might talk about your ... first time.

'"The crust. The taste. The texture," says Gurdal. "Even the smell of that bread was stunning."

'Those who try it cannot go back. And that's why Gurdal started over-nighting it from Paris, once a week, to his neighborhood grocery store in Cambridge, Massachusetts.'

How the best bread in Paris ended up in my freezer, and why it made me think about death

Bread Winner A daughter upholds the traditions of France’s premier baking dynasty.

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