November 12, 2016

"It’s been said that the uncharted territories of the old maps were often marked with the ominous warning: 'Here be dragons'."

infoworld: Perhaps apocryphal, the idea was that no one wandering into these unknown corners of the world should do so without being ready to battle a terrifying foe. By Peter Wayner

'Anything could happen in these mysterious regions, and often that anything wasn’t good.

'Programmers may be a bit more civilized than medieval knights, but that doesn’t mean the modern technical world doesn’t have its share of technical dragons waiting for us in unforeseen places: Difficult problems that wait until the deadline is minutes away; complications that have read the manual and know what isn’t well-specified; evil dragons that know how to sneak in inchoate bugs and untimely glitches, often right after the code is committed.'

Here are seven of the gnarliest corners of the programming world where we’d put large markers reading, “Here be dragons.”

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