October 23, 2016

"Views from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter released Friday show the crash site where Europe’s experimental Schiaparelli lander fell to the red planet’s surface from a height of several miles, leaving a distinct dark patch on the Martian landscape."

Spaceflight Now: The imagery confirms the loss of the lander on its final descent Wednesday, after successfully plunging through the upper reaches of the Martian atmosphere and deploying a supersonic parachute. by Stephen Clark

'MRO’s low-resolution context camera took a picture Thursday of the Schiaparelli landing site at Meridiani Planum, an expansive plain situated near the Martian equator, and revealed signs of a violent impact.

'Something went wrong to cause the landing craft — about the size of a baby grand piano — to free fall from an altitude of up 13,000 feet (4 kilometers), the European Space Agency said in a statement Friday.'

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