October 11, 2016

"This fall, NASA will start the process of providing companies with a potential opportunity to add their own modules and other capabilities to the International Space Station."

Office of Science and Technology Policy: While NASA prepares for the transition from the Space Station to its successors, the agency is also working to support and grow the community of scientists and entrepreneurs conducting research and growing businesses in space. by John P. Holdren

'A vibrant user community will be key to ensuring the economic viability of future space stations.

'For humanity to successfully and sustainably settle the final frontier, we will need to take advantage of investment and innovation in both the public and private sectors. Neither will handle this immense challenge on its own.

'The NextSTEP and ISS initiatives are excellent examples of how the two sectors can work together to extend humanity’s reach into space. Make no mistake, the Journey to Mars will be challenging, but it is underway and with each one of these steps, we are pushing the boundaries of exploration and imagination for the Nation.'

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