October 16, 2016

"The U.S. may be trailing behind China in artificial intelligence (AI) research — or at least in journal articles that mention 'deep learning' or 'deep neural network' — according to the White House’s National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan."

futurism: While the U.S. remains an early leader in deep learning research, China seems to be spending more time studying the technology and making influential contributions to the field than we are, according to White House’s research, leading the U.S. in both the number of published deep learning studies and the number of studies cited by other researchers. by Dom Galeon

'The administration’s plan proposes future research and development projects in the field of AI and was released in conjunction with Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence, a report that overviews the current and future state of AI technology and its place in society. Both papers were shared in anticipation of the White House Frontiers Conference.

'“Becoming a leader in artificial-intelligence research and development puts the United States in a better position to establish global norms on how AI should be used safely,” says [Brian] Fung.'

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