October 09, 2016

"One major election technology company, Dominion Voting Systems (DVS), develops its systems in the U.S. and Canada but also has an office in Belgrade, Serbia. It was recently advertising openings for four senior software developers in Belgrade."

computerworld: "Like many of America's largest technology companies -- which develop some of the software for their products in places like Asia, India, Ireland and the Mideast -- some of our software development is undertaken outside the U.S. and Canada, specifically, in Serbia, where we have conducted operations for 10 years," said firm spokesman Chris Riggall, in an email. By Patrick Thibodeau

'Dominion said it takes measures "to ensure the accuracy, integrity and security of the software we create for our products."

'"First, all of our software is developed in-house by DVS employees and this work is not outsourced to third parties. Second, we rigorously pre-screen all new hires to identify any potential security concerns among any personnel involved in product development. Third, we conduct extensive internal testing of all new software to evaluate the functionality, accuracy and security of the code designed for our systems," said Riggall.

'The software "is subjected to rigorous review, analysis, testing and certification by election authorities at the federal, state and local level, including the federal Election Assistance Commission," said Riggall. The election system purchasing is managed by states and local governments. Once the code is certified, any changes require a new round of certification testing by election authorities, he said.'

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