October 11, 2016

"Astronauts making a years-long voyage to Mars may get bombarded with enough cosmic radiation to seriously damage their brains, researchers reported Monday."

NBC: The damage might be bad enough to affect memory and, worse, might heighten anxiety, the team at the University of California Irvine said. by Maggie Fox

'It's the second study the team has done to show that cosmic radiation causes permanent, and likely untreatable, brain damage. While their experiments involve mice, the brain structures that are damaged are similar, they write in the Nature journal Scientific Reports.

'"Our data provide additional evidence that deep space travel poses a real and unique threat to the integrity of neural circuits in the brain," Charles Limoli and colleagues write in their report.

'NASA knows that astronauts risk physical damage from the radiation encountered in space. Earth is enveloped in a large, protective sheath called the magnetosphere, which deflects a lot of the ionizing radioactive particles that speed through space.'

"Cosmic radiation exposure and persistent cognitive dysfunction" by Charles Limoli, et al here

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