October 16, 2016

"A research center at the University of Toyama famous for its work on tritium, a substance used to fuel nuclear fusion reactors, is feared to have been targeted by cyber-attacks over a period of about six months, according to an internal investigation by the university and other sources."

Chicago Tribune: The possibility of cyber-attacks was discovered in June of this year. Information is feared to have been stolen from the computer terminal of a researcher at the university's Hydrogen Isotope Research Center. via The Japan News/Yomiuri

'An expert on cybersecurity said: "Pieces of information important to national security were among the data targeted. It is urgent to improve the level of security at universities that store information assets."

'Targeted cyber-attacks aim at stealing information from specific individuals and organizations. In this incident, a personal computer used by a researcher specializing in science and engineering studies on tritium was found to have been attacked.'

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