September 12, 2016

"Whether or not your ethnic group has political power in the country where you live is a crucial factor determining your access to the Internet, according to a new analysis."

Technology Review: The effect varies from country to country, and is much less pronounced in democratic nations. by Mike Orcutt

'But the study, published today in Science, suggests that besides censorship, another way national governments prevent opposing groups from organizing online is by denying them Internet access in the first place, says Nils Weidmann, a professor of political science at the University of Konstanz in Germany.

'Internet access is clearly linked to individuals’ socioeconomic status and the level of development where they live. These factors contribute to “digital divides” seen throughout the world. In the new analysis, Weidmann and his coauthors aimed to shed light on a factor that isn’t as well understood: political divisions between ethnic groups.'

"Digital discrimination: Political bias in Internet service provision across ethnic groups" by Nils B. Weidmann, et al here

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