September 18, 2016

"For some comics fans, Alan Moore is basically a god."

NPR: He's the media-shy and magnificently bearded writer of comics like Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell — though if you've only ever seen the movies, please, I implore you: Read the books. by Petra Mayer

'Recently, Moore said he's stepping back from comics to focus on other projects — like his epic new novel, Jerusalem. It's full of angels, devils, saints and sinners and visionaries, ghost children and wandering writers, all circling his home town of Northampton, England.

'Moore still lives in Northampton, about an hour north of London. He rarely leaves, so I went there to meet him.

'"This is holy ground for me," he told me as we stood on a neglected grassy strip by a busy road. It doesn't look like holy ground — nothing's here now except a few trees, and a solitary house on the corner. But it wasn't always this way.

'"This is it," Moore says, pointing to the grown-over remains of a little path behind the corner house. "This is the alley that used to run behind our terrace. This is where I was born."

'Jerusalem is hard to describe, apart from the physical and obvious: It's more than 1200 pages long and in hardback, you could use it to do bicep curls. It's part fantasy, part history, partly purely bonkers — but every page shines with a love of this place as it once was.

'"It's all built from the history of the neighborhood itself, and the history of my family," Moore says. "And most of the history is genuine, although the stuff about the angels and demons, I'm not so sure about that, you know? I think there's a good case to be made."'

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