August 20, 2016

"With more private spaceship traffic expected at the International Space Station in the coming years, two spacewalking US astronauts installed a special parking spot for them on Friday." Americans Jeff Williams and Kate Rubins floated outside the orbiting laboratory for a spacewalk lasting five hours and 58 minutes to attach the first of two international docking adaptors. via AFP

'The astronauts spent more than two hours tying down the adaptor, after which robotic machinery at the space station completed the hard mate, making the attachment permanent.

'"With that, we have a new port of call," NASA commentator Rob Navias said as the space station flew over Singapore at 10:40 am (1440 GMT).

'During the rest of the spacewalk, astronauts connected power and data cables for the adaptor. The fittings will enable the space station to share power and data with visiting spaceships.'

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