August 24, 2016

"Twenty-two months ago, NASA lost contact with its Stereo-B spacecraft during a routine 72-hour test."

Business Insider: The long silence ended on Sunday, when the probe — some 189 million miles away from Earth — finally said "hello" again to the space agency. by Dave Mosher

'However, scientists in charge of the Stereo sun-observing mission are not celebrating just yet.

'"The very hard and scary work is just beginning," Joe Gurman, a Stereo project scientist, told Business Insider.

'"This spacecraft was designed to be as autonomous as possible when it ran into trouble," Gurman said. "If we turn on the computer, which is the only way we can get insight into the current state of the spacecraft ... what got us into this mess in the first place could turn back on again."

'That means that even though NASA has reestablished contact, scientists will have only about two minutes to rescue Stereo-B before they lose the spacecraft to the void again.'

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