August 10, 2016

"The ongoing dispute over the South China Sea has apparently spilled over into cyberspace recently, as hackers believed to be from China have attacked government and private-sector organizations linked to the row over the key waterway, a new analysis has found."

Japan Times: Using malicious software, hackers have tried to swipe sensitive information from the Philippines and other targets, according to a report released last week by Finnish cybersecurity firm F-Secure. by Jesse Johnson

'Notable targets included the Philippines Department of Justice, the organizers of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit and an unidentified major international law firm involved in last month’s landmark South China Sea arbitration decision at The Hague, the report said.

'The Department of Justice played a key role in the case and reports ahead of a November 2015 APEC event in the Philippines had said leaders attending the summit would discuss the South China Sea issue.

'F-Secure said more organizations had been targeted, but details had been withheld at their request. The omitted portions of the report, however, did not indicate that the arbitration court would itself have been targeted by this malware campaign, Erka Koivunen, a cybersecurity adviser with F-Secure, told The Japan Times.'

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