August 25, 2016

"New research led by Australian scientists has pegged back the timing of when humans had clearly begun to change the climate to the 1830s."

Sydney Morning Herald: That's about half a century before the first comprehensive instrumental records began – and about the time Dickens began his novels depicting Victorian Britain's rush to industrialise. by Peter Hannam

'The findings, published on Thursday in the journal Nature, were based on natural records of climate variation in the world's oceans and continents, including those found in corals, ice cores, tree rings and the changing chemistry of stalagmites in caves.

'Helen McGregor, an ARC future fellow at the University of Wollongong and one of the paper's lead authors, said it was "quite a surprise" the international research teams of dozens of scientists had been able to detect a signal of climate change emerging in the tropical oceans and the Arctic from the 1830s.

'"Nailing down the timing in different regions was something we hadn't expected to be able to do," Dr McGregor told Fairfax Media.'

"Early onset of industrial-era warming across the oceans and continents" by Nerilie J. Abram, et al here

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