August 19, 2016

"Five million roofs are replaced each year in the U.S., so instead of simply swapping out old shingles with new ones, why not turn the whole roof into a solar power generator that's integrated with your home's electrical utility?"

computerworld: That is SolarCity's plan for a new product it expects to begin producing next year, according to statements made during the company's second-quarter earnings call last week. By Lucas Mearian

'During the call, SolarCity Chief Technology Officer Peter Rive alluded to a new product that would be produced at the soon to open Buffalo, N.Y., solar panel manufacturing facility. Then SolarCity co-founder and Chairman Elon Musk interjected and said the product would be a solar roof, "as opposed to a [solar] module on a roof."

'Earlier in the call, Rive, who is Musk's cousin, stated that in moving forward, SolarCity would need ways to differentiate its product offerings to stay competitive in an expanding solar market. Musk then called the solar roof a "seminal" part of that strategy. The solar roof also has the advantage that it doesn't "cannibalize" any existing SolarCity product, such as solar panels installed atop roofs, Musk said.'

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