August 23, 2016

"China has released images of its orbiter, lander and rover for its ambitious 2020 Mars mission, along with details of the scientific instruments to be sent to the Red Planet."

gb times: Chief architect of the mission, Zhang Rongqiao, told a press conference in Beijing on Tuesday that the mission will be complex and ambitious, including an orbiter, lander and rover. by Andrew Jones

Artist impression of China's 2020 Mars rover. via Xinhua
'The lander will carry a gasbag, a parachute and reverse thrust engines in order to achieve a safe landing, while factors such as the long-distance data transmission delay means that the rover will have a high autonomy.

'The science goals include studying the Martian topography, soil, environment, atmosphere and water ice, as well as the planet's internal structure and search for possible signs of life.

'The mission will launch on a Long March 5 rocket from the new Wenchang spaceport on the island province of Hainan in summer 2020.'

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