August 26, 2016

"A SpaceX Dragon capsule that helped prepare the International Space Station for future commercial astronaut flights has returned to Earth after a stay of more than a month."

Florida Today: Among the cargo brought back from space Friday were a dozen mice from a Japanese science experiment — the first brought home alive in a Dragon. by James Dean

'Samples from mice euthanized as part of an experiment by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly also were on board.

'Results were returned from an experiment that studied the behavior of heart cells in microgravity, and from research into the composition of microbes in the human digestive system, NASA said. Findings from both could help keep astronauts healthy during deep space exploration missions.

'Recovery crews planned to lift the Dragon onto a ship and return it to port in Long Beach, California, where time-sensitive cargo like the mice would be removed. The spacecraft then will be shipped to a SpaceX facility in McGregor, Texas, for post-flight processing.'

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