August 17, 2016

"A group calling itself the 'Shadow Brokers' claims that it hacked into the National Security Agency and stole an apparent treasure trove of exploits and hacking tools that it now wants to auction off, which some ex-NSA insiders say is extremely bizarre and very serious."

Business Insider: "It's a big deal," Dave Aitel, an ex-NSA research scientist and CEO of penetration testing firm Immunity Inc., told Business Insider. "We'd be panicking." by Paul Szoldra

'Yet he added: "But then it is rather old stuff. So the question is, is it so old that it's essentially irrelevant but looks very relevant? Or is some of this stuff still in use every day? I don't know."

'Earlier this week, Shadow Brokers announced that it was selling a number of cyber weapons claiming to be stolen from The Equation Group. That is a hacking unit that was uncovered last year by Kaspersky Labs that many believe are within the NSA. In its data dump of proof, the brokers offered files dating back to 2013 to allegedly exploit FortiGate and Cisco firewalls, among others.'

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