July 30, 2016

"We live in a time when it’s never been easier for people to get detailed information about us."

ie media news: We don’t think twice about adding endless nuggets of facts about our lives to social networks, signing up to endless newsletters and allowing websites to track our moves over the web, so they can serve us up the same targeted ad time and time again. By Marc Chacksfield via tech radar

'But it’s not just on the web that we are being tracked. Step out your front door and into any city and your every move is being monitored by CCTV. All of this makes going dark extremely hard to do but it is possible, according to ex MI5 agent Annie Machon:

'“Get off Apple, get off Microsoft and use Linux open source software, because you can at least check the code to see if there is anything bug-wise built into it.”

'“If you are using a proprietary software then there are a suite of tools you can use. One is called Tails and this is a secure operating system. You can just put it on a flash drive and it means that your computer is empty of anything until you put this flash drive in and then that is what your computer runs off. That is fairly safe and fairly new.”

'“To web browse securely then always use the onion router (TOR) and if you want secure instant messaging then there is something called OTR, which is off the record messaging. I always think it means on the run as that’s what OTR stands for in MI5 terminology. If you want to hide where you are connected to the internet, then always use a VPN and always use email encryption. The best one to use is PGP – Pretty Good Privacy – which you can just download from the internet and install. Then you should install a Bitcoin wallet so you can make transactions anonymously.”

'“According to Edward Snowden’s revelations, all hardware post 2008 has backdoors built into it. That means computers, telephones, even USB cables post 2008 can have bugs in them. There’s is a raging hot market across Europe at the moment for pre-2008 ThinkPads. If you have an old computer and an old burner phones, then they should be safe and secure as well. That is the tech stuff that, if I was going on the run now, would give me a fighting chance to not be traced by technology.”'

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